Automotive LPG Storage Tanks Specifications  
Product Verification

Checking and verifying all raw materials:

- All materials for the production are not permitted to use until their conformities with the specified requirements are proved by incoming control department.

Following test and inspections are made regularly for sample cylinders randomly taken from each party:
- Fully computerized tensile test on welded joints
- Root and face bending test across the welds
- Radiographic control of main welds and T connections
- Volume Control- Water jacket test
- Fully computerized bursting and volumetric expansion test
- Corrosion resistant test
- Leakage test at -50 C
- Fatigue test
- Thickness measurement of drawn parts
- Surface roughness measurement
- Adhesion tensile test and cross cut test of metal coating
- Measurement of thickness for metal and paint
- Paint hardness check
- Macro test weld penetration- Micro test for grain size

Following tests and inspections are applied for each cylinder:
- Hydrostatic test with water
- Leakage test with air
- Valve fitting torque control
- Visual inspections after welding, metal coating and painting

- In all phases of production, inspection and test status of each cylinder is documented.

- The product that does not conform to specified requirements is segregated during production.

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