Automotive LPG Storage Tanks Specifications
  Product Verification

- Design, production and inspection in accordance with ECE R 67.01 regulation
- Metal sheets confirming to EN 10120 specification
- Elliptically formed heads
- Fully circular cylinder body produced in computer controlled rolling machine
- Forge formed valve bosses
- Submerged metal arc welding for the circumferential and longitudinal weld seams
- Randomly selected tanks from every party arc subjected to mechanical, bursting tests and macro, micro checks
- T joints of circumferential and longitudinal welds of sample tanks from each party are controlled by X-Ray
- Each tank is hydrostatically tested with water at 30 bar
- Each tank is immersed with water for leakage control after pressurized with air
- Shot blasting surface cleaning
- Painting with corrosion resistant powder paint
- Packaged into Nonwoven bags with guarantee certificate issued in accordance with the Communiqué of Industry and Trade Ministry
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