About EVAS
EVAS, one of the largest LPG Cylinders and Automotive LPG Tanks manufacturers in Europe. is a SHV / HOLLAND Group Company, was founded in 1963 and has been producing cylinders for over 45 years. Today, yearly production capacity is more than 1.500.000 cylinders. EVAS is proud of manufacturing more than 40.000.000 cylinders since its foundation (1963). More details
EVAS, address of high quality LPG Cylinders, maintains its main target - customer satisfaction - by the following...More details
EVAS Contact
00 90 216 378 73 15 (pbx)
00 90 216 378 10 06
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Quality Policy Of EVAS
To challenge in international market EVAS is well understood the responsibility of being a member of SHV Group and undertakes all necessary measures for its activities.

Our main aim is to invest people, reduce operation cost, increased the quality by satisfying our customers and racing with tomorrows to get the over prestige, increase market share and export EVAS cylinders to all around the world by doing:

  • Continuously improvements by utilizing up to dated and environmental concerned technology,
  • Continuously improving the skills and abilities of the tied in personal by providing training in various subjects related with quality.
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